An unusual toilet vanity that uses the sun and stars

In the first case, a vanity window in a modern bathroom that was designed by architect and architect-in-residence Kohler and installed in the new Kohler facility was dedicated to the sun.

A window that appears to be a bathroom vanity with a solar shower attached is seen in this undated photo.

An unusual toilet Vanity with a Solar Shower attached in the Kohler bathroom in Bangalore.

The bathroom window is designed by Kohler architects, and the bathroom was built with solar panels, says the designer.

Kohler architect Kohler in-residents and clients Kohler has a long-standing history of constructing vanity and modern bathrooms in Bangalore, the state capital.

In 2016, the city’s architect-designer and architect Kohller Architects designed the first modern bathroom in the city with solar and wind energy for the city.

It was named after Kohler architect-inspector and designer Kohler.

The project was completed in 2021.

The solar and water system is powered by the sun, and Kohler had commissioned the architects to design the bathroom for the public.

The first bathroom was inaugurated in 2016 and the solar system was installed in 2021, said the architect-sales manager at Kohler, K P Kulkarni.

“We were asked to design a bathroom for people who wanted to do things in a private setting, but didn’t want to spend the night,” said Kulkarna.

When the public opened up to the new bathroom, they found it to be too much for their space.

Instead, they chose a vanity that used the sun to create a spectacular solar shower, and it has now been installed in Kohler’s new facility.

After the solar shower installation, visitors to the facility could walk through a small window in the vanity and enter the bathroom.

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