‘Bathroom hand towels’ cost $300,000 to make, $600,000 for new house

A $400,000 bathroom hand towel was a rare sight in a Toronto apartment building where renovations are costing more than $600 and new homes are going for thousands more than the $150,000 original price tag.

The homebuilder in the development, called Wills Group, is making the renovations to the complex, which was built in 1986, to house a condo, as well as to upgrade the bathrooms.

The project is on track to cost $700,000, according to the building manager, the owner of the property, and the builder.

That includes $600.50 for the hand towels and $200 for the new roofing.

The hand towels were bought by a Canadian real estate agent from an American company, a Wills spokesperson told the Star.

The agent, who didn’t want to be named, had been working with the company for several years.

The company has been working to renovate the property for a number of years, according the spokesperson, adding that the contractor will be working on a complete renovation.

The builder, which hasn’t revealed the total cost of the renovations, says the total project is expected to cost more than a million dollars.

The new house is on the market for $3.75 million.

It is located at 1563-1564 Carlton Street, on the edge of Yonge-Dundas Square, near Gerrard Street.

The property is owned by the developer and has a 5-year lease.

The property is listed for sale at the bottom of the story.

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