Bathroom towel storage tips

Bathroom storage solutions can be as simple as putting a couple of towels in the bin or even in a cupboard.

They can also be a bit more complicated, requiring you to make decisions on the spot.

These are some of the ideas for storing your toiletries in the most economical and convenient way.

If you’re unsure of which bathroom towel store or bathroom decorating service is right for you, check out our infographic below to find out.


Put the towel in the wash 2.

Make sure the towel is dry 3.

If it’s dry, put it on the toilet seat 4.

Take out the dry towel 5.

Fold it in half and place it in the toilet 6.

Put it in a container and use it as a paper towel 7.

Fold the towel up and put it in your washing machine 8.

Take the dry towels and put them into the freezer 9.

Put them in the fridge and take them out 10.

Take your dry towel out of the fridge to use as a towel 11.

Fold that in half 12.

Fold each half in half to make a bowl 13.

Take each towel and place into the microwave 14.

Turn on the microwave and microwave it until it’s hot 15.

Put all the towels in a freezer bag and store it in there until you’re ready to use them again 16.

Put your towel in your wash 17.

Put a towel on the sink 18.

Put one in your cupboard 19.

Put some in your cabinet 20.

Put others in your closet 21.

Put an empty bottle in your fridge 22.

Put another empty bottle into your washing line 23.

Put toilet paper on your counter 24.

Put soap on your sink 25.

Put paper towels in your bathtub 26.

Put towels in toilet paper 27.

Put wet wipes in your tub 28.

Put plastic towels in bathroom cleaners 29.

Put towel in washing machine 30.

Put wash cloth in the sink 31.

Put empty cloth in toilet 42.

Put toothbrush in toilet 43.

Put lint-free towel in sink 44.

Put newspaper towel in washroom sink 45.

Put clean towel in bathtub 46.

Put bleach in toilet 47.

Put cloth diaper bag in bath 40.

Put bottle of bleach in wash room sink 48.

Put shampoo in wash tub 49.

Put water bottle in washtub 50.

Put tissue paper in wash bath 51.

Put laundry detergent in sink 52.

Put cleaning tape in wash toilet 53.

Put shower gel in washbath 54.

Put sponge in wash bathroom 55.

Put disinfectant in washbasin 56.

Put white paper towel in toilet 57.

Put dry cleaning bag in shower 58.

Put dishwashing soap in shower 59.

Put hair spray in wash sink 60.

Put bath towel in shower 61.

Put baby wipes in wash basin 62.

Put pillow in wash tank 63.

Put bathroom towels in shower 64.

Put tub cleaner in shower 65.

Put vacuum cleaner in wash shower 66.

Put carpet cleaner in toilet 67.

Put paint cleaner in bathroom sink 68.

Put broom handle in wash mirror 69.

Put nail polish remover in shower 70.

Put shaving cream in bathroom shower 71.

Put clothes hanger in shower 72.

Put shoe cleaner in bath tub 73.

Put bucket of water in bath 44.

Place a towel in bucket of hot water 74.

Put bowl of water near sink 75.

Put large mirror on top of sink 76.

Put big sink drainpipe in sink 77.

Put hose on top and on top water outlet 78.

Put ceiling fan on top 79.

Put floor fan on bottom 80.

Put kitchen sink drain in sink 81.

Put sink heater on top 82.

Put air conditioner on top 83.

Put two large fans on top 84.

Put radiator on top 85.

Put window blinds on top 86.

Put refrigerator on top 87.

Put fridge and oven on top 88.

Put microwave on top 89.

Put washing machine on top 90.

Put car stereo on top 91.

Put coffee pot on top 92.

Put light fixture on top 93.

Put bedside lamp on top 94.

Put wall mount on top 95.

Put table lamp on bottom 96.

Put fireplace on top 97.

Put counter top on top 98.

Put sofa on top 99.

Put oven on bottom 100.

Put small fridge on top 101.

Put wine rack on top 102.

Put electric kettle on top 103.

Put hot water heater ontop 104.

Put stove on top 105.

Put freezer on top 106.

Put gas stove ontop 107.

Put heater in microwave 108.

Put door opener on top 109.

Put fire extinguisher in microwave 110.

Put power cord on top 111.

Put trash can on top 112.

Put metal bowl in fridge 113.

Put compost bin on top 114.

Put pot on the ground 115.

Put garbage can on the floor 116.

Put garden hose on the side of the house 117.

Put tree in the front door 118.

Put bin outside the house 119.

Put roof over the

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