‘Failing schools’ are now facing $2,000 fines for failing to fix broken bathrooms

The Trump administration has decided to fine schools and other businesses $2.5 million for failing that they’ve been given permission to install bathrooms that don’t comply with the federal guidelines.

The Trump administration announced Tuesday it will issue the fines in addition to other fines, such as $1 million for schools and businesses that don´t install new bathrooms, and $1.5 for businesses that aren´t installing bathrooms that comply with federal standards.

The Department of Education announced the new penalties after reviewing more than 1,000 complaints filed against schools and employers for failing their obligations to comply with restroom regulations.

The federal government requires schools and workplaces to install bathroom facilities that comply “with federal requirements, including gender identity and expression standards and federal privacy protections.”

The department also requires that employers provide bathrooms that meet federal standards and comply with privacy protections.

Trump administration officials said the penalties would be levied on companies that haven´t installed new bathrooms by Jan. 31, 2020, or on businesses that fail to install new restrooms by Dec. 31.

The new penalties will not apply to schools or businesses that have already installed restrooms, but rather to businesses that failed to comply for more than three years.

The fines will be effective for the first three years of the new regulations, which will be issued by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), a senior official told reporters.

The OMB will decide how to distribute the penalties.

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