Gold bathroom accessories will be more expensive in 2021

Gold bathroom equipment, including sinks, sinks and bathtubs, will be a premium in 2021, according to the latest forecasts by Goldman Sachs.

Gold has been losing its market value for more than a year as investors have worried about the economic impact of a slowing economy and a sluggish Chinese economy.

The firm predicts that by 2021, gold will reach $1,100 a ounce, compared with $858 for silver and $1.04 for platinum.

“This will be the first year of a sustained decline in gold prices and it will be followed by another decline in 2020, 2021 and 2022,” said David Zucman, an economist at Goldman Sachs who helped write the forecast.

Silver and platinum will likely be cheaper by then.

In 2020, the firm expects gold to reach $2,000 a pound, up from $1 (about 7.3 cents) in 2019, while silver will hit $1 per ounce, up 8 cents.

Gold has long enjoyed a premium, at least in the US.

The firm forecasts that silver will fall to $1 a ounce in 2020 and then rise to $3 a pound by 2021.

By 2021, the benchmark price will fall by nearly 5 percent.

Gold futures fell 1.2 percent on Friday to $2.16 per ounce in New York trading, the lowest level since March 10.

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