How to fix your mold problem with a moldy bathroom tile

I don’t think you want to use a mold in your bathroom tile.

Molds can take over a molding process, ruining the finish.

But you can work around this by using a mold-free bathroom tile, or even using it as a mold inoculation solution.

There are many mold inoculating products available, but you can always use a commercial product, such as Mason-Dixon Molding Solution.

You can also use a DIY mold inoculator.

Here are some tips to help you avoid mold problems in your bathrooms: Find out the correct moisture content for your tile floor.

Moulds will grow on damp tiles, so make sure the floor is dry enough to absorb moisture.

The more moisture your tile has, the less chance you’ll have of mold growth.

If the tile isn’t wet enough, it may start to rot and the mold will grow.

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