How to make a Bathroom sink with beads

A simple bathroom sink that doubles as a toilet.

The bathtub drain is the most common solution for people with bathtub-like drains in their homes.

Photo: SuppliedThe solution is not cheap, so some people opt for something more expensive.

In Victoria, the Government has offered a 10 per cent discount on bathtub drains in private houses.

But that discount will expire on July 1, 2020.

“The Government will continue to offer these discounts until the end of 2020,” Ms Williams said.

“This includes the Bathtub Drain Discount Scheme.”

“Bathtub drain reduction is an essential part of our local community amenity plans, and it is important we keep it in place,” Ms Jones said.

The Government’s 10 per per cent Bathtub drain discount applies to new bathtubs and other small fixtures that require water to run through them.

“While there may be no cost to you to purchase this, it may save you money over time in the long term,” Ms Jackson said.

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