How to Make Your Bathroom Grey and Use It As Your Bath Room Color Idea

I’ve been meaning to try out some bathtub remodel ideas and recently got in touch with the lovely lady behind the Bathroom Color Ideas blog.

It was great to get a second opinion from someone who has experience working with color schemes.

In fact, the Bathtub Color Ideas team actually works with designers in the Bathrooms department at an art studio. 

She told me that it’s important to get the idea from a design perspective, because there’s always going to be different things to consider when you’re building a room. 

“The key to making your room stand out from the rest is by having a vibrant, dynamic and unique color palette.

It’s really important that you go to your inspiration for inspiration,” she said.

“The color palette needs to be as vibrant and vibrant as possible, so it doesn’t make sense to just stick to the white or black, you need to go crazy with it.”

If you’re looking to try some ideas out, here are a few that she suggested. 

First, try using a dark-purple or purple-yellow color scheme. 

You can also experiment with different patterns, such as a bold blue or red. 

If you can’t find a solid color palette, you can use the Bathwater Color Ideas blog to try something new.

Finally, if you like to try your hand at creating your own unique bathtub, you should definitely follow the BathRoom Color Ideas Facebook page to get updates from the creative team as they go through their designs. 

So what’s your favorite bathroom color?

What are some others you’ve tried? 

Leave a comment and let us know. 

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