‘I was just so happy’: Man takes on toilet seat at Brisbane City Hall

Posted November 16, 2018 09:21:33 A man who is just one month into his third year of a new job at Brisbane’s City Hall says he was just “so happy” when he finally made it to the toilet.

Nathan Stirling’s first year in the job at the new City Hall is the same one he took a year ago, but with a whole new set of challenges.

“I had to learn new tricks, new tools and a whole lot more, so that’s why I’m here today,” Mr Stirling said.

“You just need to learn the ropes, but once you learn them, you can do it all.”

The 35-year-old from Brisbane’s east is working at the Queensland Department of Health, where he is responsible for “health and social services” and a social work role.

He said the new position was “just so exciting”.

“You start thinking about your future, what you want to do in the future, how you want your future to look like, you’re in a different world, so I’m just really excited,” he said.

Mr Stirlings work with children and youth and he said it was “the best experience I’ve had so far”.

He was initially a full-time student at Griffith University before moving to Queensland’s south.

Mr Plumb said he had already “grown a lot” as a person and “heaps of people have come to me to say they want to work with me”.

“There’s a lot of work to do and I just feel it’s really important that I continue to do that and continue to keep doing it,” Mr Plomb said.

The Department of Human Services said it welcomed the new hire, and was “looking forward to having him in our office.”

“We have over 100 staff in our Brisbane office and we have been working hard to recruit and retain them for the foreseeable future,” said a spokesman.

“We are excited to welcome Nathan to our team and hope he will contribute to our work as a resource in providing services to our community.”

The Department also said it would “work with Mr Plummett to ensure he has the opportunity to learn and apply to other roles”.

Mr Plums’ first year at the job was “pretty amazing” and he had learnt a lot about “how we do things and how to work together”.

Mr Stiverson said the job is “a great start to a new life”, but said the “big thing” is “learning how to be a real person”.

“It’s very exciting, but you have to be able to be happy, be positive, and do your best work, because you’ll need that in the long run,” he explained.

“But it’s definitely an exciting time to be in.”

‘I can’t wait to get back in’ The department said the position was one it was keen to “add to our already strong and dedicated workforce”.

Mr Trimboli said it is an exciting “opportunity” to work alongside a “top-notch person” who was “highly qualified, experienced, motivated and driven”.

“I can already tell Nathan’s skillset is really going to help the department’s operations, which will be extremely valuable in the years ahead,” he added.

The department’s chief executive said the role will allow “a broad range of staff to access the best in Queensland’s medical, social and community services”.

“We look forward to working with Nathan as we continue to build a more efficient, well-equipped and professional Brisbane service for Brisbaneers,” he continued.

“The City of Brisbane’s medical and social service workforce is one of the best-equipped in the nation and is highly regarded for its quality, efficiency and service delivery.”

‘It’s like being a part of a family’ “I’m so glad to be here,” Mr Trimbi said.

He also said he was excited about his new job.

“It feels great to have someone that I can call my own, a person that I really trust and have a sense of pride in and one that I’m really looking forward to being a mentor to,” he told ABC Brisbane.

The new position comes as Brisbane City Council prepares to launch a new “Healthy City” strategy, with the aim of ensuring all of its services are up to scratch and improving services for people who “have physical, mental or behavioural health issues”. “

People get really upset when you don’t have a family, but it’s like getting a job at a job and you’re the only one that knows about it, and that’s very satisfying.”

The new position comes as Brisbane City Council prepares to launch a new “Healthy City” strategy, with the aim of ensuring all of its services are up to scratch and improving services for people who “have physical, mental or behavioural health issues”.

The plan will also include “better” toilets and other facilities for people with “mental health, addiction or substance use disorders”.

Brisbane City Health CEO Dr Sarah Hall said the plan was part of the department “sustaining

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