IKEA Bathroom Cabinet sets for $1,200 and $1 and up

IKEAs bathroom cabinets set for $999 and up, as well as the IKEa Kitchen Cabinet set for a cool $1.20 per piece.

The set includes the bathroom’s two sides as well, and each cabinet is topped off with an LED light and an additional shelf for your cooking accessories.

The cabinets are made out of polycarbonate and are made to be watertight, which is good for keeping the walls from leaking.

IKEA Kitchen Cabinet, $999, and IKEas Bathroom, $1999, pictured above.

IKEs Bathroom set is made out to be a cool 10 inches high and is the only bathroom set we’ve seen that can be folded up and used as a kitchen shelf.

The cabinets are available in both black and red with a selection of accessories including an IKEase and a pair of IKEast chairs.

They come with a small plastic storage tray and a removable cup holder.

You can pre-order the Ikea Kitchen cabinet set for November 13th for $99.99.

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