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When You Think of the Bathroom, What Do You Think Of?

I have a room in my bathroom.There are a lot of bathrooms around, and my room is in the middle.So, when I go into my bathroom, I always think about the bathroom tile I had painted.It’s always on my mind, and it always makes me think about how the tiles look when they’re painted.I like […]

Why we need a bathroom vanity inspired by the rustic bathroom inspiration from Pinterest

Pinterest has become an increasingly important place to share images, which in turn is now becoming a powerful way for brands to connect with their users.And Pinterest has made it possible for users to make their own, original and unique bathroom designs.┬áIt’s also made it easy for brands like Apple and Facebook to share designs […]

When the bathroom remodels are finally here, this is the one

It looks like the bathroom overhaul is finally here.The San Francisco 49ers announced plans Friday to open a facility that will be able to accommodate up to 2,500 people.The facility will be built in an area along the Embarcadero that will serve as the team’s training facility.It will include a 1,000-square-foot space for locker rooms, […]

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