Three new costco bathrooms, sink and vanity

Two of the new costcos bathrooms have been installed at the new Corcoran restaurant and lounge in Sydney’s CBD, and the other two have been added to the lounge.

The $50,000 costco vanity was installed last week and the $65,000 vanity was completed last month.

Costco said in a statement the “new look” bathrooms were designed by Costco Australia’s Design and Engineering department.

“This includes a custom-built cabinet designed by the design team, which features a wide range of natural finishes, as well as the ability to connect to the existing bathrooms using a standard plumbing connection,” the statement said.

“The cabinets are equipped with our new, state-of-the-art, automated door lock system, which allows for easy access to the bathroom.”

Costco has been working on the bathrooms since January.

Costcom said the bathrooms were “a true delight” to use.

“We are thrilled to welcome these innovative, well-made costco amenities to our existing facilities, and look forward to adding more to the space to ensure that the guests enjoy the unique experience of living in the home of a costco,” the company said.

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