Trump administration to ‘dispatch workers with limited time’ to bathrooms

The Trump administration is deploying a limited number of employees to the U.S. Department of Justice to “dispatch” those working in the U of A’s “bathroom and shower facilities,” according to a memo obtained by The Hill.

“I am asking DOJ to expedite this request, as the Department has limited time and resources available to provide the services needed for these functions,” reads the memo obtained Thursday by The Washington Post.

“Additionally, I am asking the Department to deploy a limited set of employees at the UA’s campus in order to assist in providing the necessary services, including staffing, materials, equipment, and other personnel.”

The memo also outlines the UAs plan to “ensure all facilities have access to appropriate staffing to ensure they are safe for students, staff, and faculty.”

“The plan includes an implementation plan that will address these issues,” the memo said.

“A comprehensive and cost-effective solution is needed for the UOfA to ensure it meets the safety and security needs of students and staff.”

The Justice Department memo was sent to top U. of A officials Thursday and comes after Trump’s administration ordered a “tough” new plan to address the issue.

The new order instructed officials to “immediately hire and promote individuals to perform the duties of the position” and to “assist with the review and management of campus and other facilities” where sexual assault is “common.”

The department also “should consult with students, faculty, staff and alumni” to “examine how best to provide safe and healthy environments for all students and faculty” according to the order.

The memo did not outline the specific “services” being sought, but the memo stated that “training and technical assistance” would be provided to help “provide additional training, technology and resources for students and the campus community.”

In February, The Hill reported that the department had asked for an extra $2.7 million to help it deal with the issue, which was exacerbated by the election of Trump.

The Hill also reported that a report from the department said that the Trump administration was considering “a variety of options” including a hiring freeze, a reduction in “resources and staffing levels,” a “disclosure” requirement, and “restructuring” of campus security.

In response to the memo, a spokesperson for U of a said the university is “reviewing its position in light of the announcement by the Department of Education,” but the university has no immediate plans to reduce staff or to implement a “zero tolerance policy” on campus.

“The university is reviewing our position in the light of this announcement and is working with the UofA and the U,S.

Attorney’s Office to find a solution that will protect our students and our communities,” the spokesperson said.

The U of T has previously made it clear that it believes the issue should be addressed in a more comprehensive way.

Last week, the university called on the Trump Administration to provide “the resources necessary to address” the issue and said that it “continues to support the U Of A and its student body.”

“We are disappointed by the direction of the federal government in this regard and would like to reiterate that we are working with law enforcement agencies in an expeditious and non-confrontational manner,” the statement read.

“As the U is aware, the campus has a unique relationship with the police department and we continue to have concerns about its ongoing safety.”

“A safe and safe university has always been the university’s core value,” the university said in a statement to The Hill last week.

“We have not yet been given the resources to fully address the issues at the University of Toronto.

We hope to be able to do so in the coming months and that we can build a relationship with our communities in the process.”

“Our students and employees are committed to the safety of the University and our community.

We are committed, in the best interests of the students, to addressing this crisis and our shared values of openness and inclusion,” the U Toronto statement continued.

“Our goal is to ensure that all our students, employees and supporters are able to access safe spaces on campus, to feel safe and to have access that allows them to feel supported, empowered and empowered.”

“This is an issue that we have been discussing with law-enforcement agencies and will continue to work with them to ensure this does not continue to happen,” the University said.

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