What to know about bathrooms in your area

A new trend in bathrooms is changing the way bathrooms are viewed by residents, with a new wave of bathroom fan lights.

Here’s what to know before you head to the bathroom, and after you’re done with the bathroom.

When you’re ready to go to the toiletYou can check out the bathroom fan light on the bathroom floor.

It will light up when you step into the bathroom and when you open the door.

It will also light up at night.

You can also see it on the toilet, when you wash your hands, when it’s on, and when it is off.

When it’s not onYou can’t use the bathroom with a fan light off.

It won’t work if it’s in the bathroom because it will cause water to collect inside the door, causing water to condense and create a haze.

It won’t make a sound if you’re using the bathroom while it’s off.

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