What to look for when you want to avoid toilet paper

People can be a bit picky about what bathroom tissue they use for the last year or two of their lives, says Susan Dolan, a professor of psychology at Harvard University.

She is one of the authors of the forthcoming book, What to Look for When You Want to Avoid Toothpaste.

The question of which toilet paper to use is especially relevant if you have chronic dental issues.

“We tend to have a little bit of a toothpaste problem when we’re older,” she says.

“So people who are tooth-free tend to want to get that toothpaste because they want to see if they have it, and if they do, they want that tooth paste to last as long as possible.”

So the first step to deciding which toilet tissues to use should be figuring out which toothpaste you’re likely to need.

And for those of us who live in a bathroom with no sinks, the first rule of the toilet paper world is to find a way to have the toilet tissue in your home’s sink.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t have sinks in the house,” Dolan says.

Instead, “just put a small dish on your sink.

That’s going to be a lot more efficient.”

So what should you do when you’re faced with the question of whether to use the toilet water or toothpaste?

If you’re having a hard time deciding between the two, consider these tips: • Don’t use the same tissue for both toothpaste and toilet paper.

If you’ve used both, it’s important to know which is what.

• If you have a toothache, wash your mouth with a toothbrush.

But if you haven’t had one, don’t use a tooth brush to wash your teeth.

That may be more efficient, but it’s not good for your dental health. • Don

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