What you need to know about the upcoming Google Glasses

The first Google Glass is set to hit the market in just over a year, and Google is expected to sell the devices for about $1,000.

However, you may not be able to order one for yourself just yet, as Google says it’s working on making sure that Glass is compatible with existing smartphone accessories, as well as accessories like smart glasses.

“We’re working on the hardware side of things, but we’re definitely looking into accessories for the glasses as well,” Google Glass lead engineer Andrew Smith told TechRadars.

“We haven’t got a lot of prototypes to show, but there’s definitely some work to do on that front.”

Google Glasses will be available in various configurations, from $1.99 to $12,999, but you can also purchase them with more than one accessory.

They’ll come in a range of styles, including an Apple Watch Sport, a Samsung Gear Fit 2, and a pair of Beats headphones.

While there’s no specific release date for the Glasses, it’s not out of the question that Google will make a new accessory for them later this year.

“If we do, we’ll announce that at the right time,” Smith said.

“But right now we’re not sure when.”

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