When is the best time to paint your bathroom?

In the end, the best bathroom to paint is when it’s in a good condition, said Amanda Rehfeld, owner of the bathroom repair and painting studio, Rehland Studio.

She added that the longer it sits, the better.

“The sooner it gets repaired, the sooner you can paint,” Rehfolds said.

“When it’s going bad, the more you have to go and put it back together.”

If your bathroom has a leak, it’s probably time to go get a new one, said Rehfields.

But she suggested you wait for a few weeks for it to get better.

The same goes for your bathroom fixtures, said Melissa Harkins, owner and head of home decor at New Orleans studio Biscuits.

“You need to wait until the house is ready to be painted,” Harkin said.

Harkinos said it takes between 30 to 60 days for the bathroom to fully recondition.

For this reason, she recommended that you let your home’s plumbing and electrical system fully dry and then use a shower.

She also recommended waiting a couple of weeks after the water has dried before trying to paint it.

“If you paint it as soon as it gets out of the water, it will look better,” she said.

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