When kids ask to use their bathrooms as toilets, they may need to get used to it

The idea of using a toilet as a bathroom has been around for ages, but it is rarely seen in the UK, even in the capital. 

But if you ask kids, they might not be too thrilled. 

The idea of a toilet is a new one for kids, and some of them might be confused. 

They are being taught to urinate in their underwear, which is against the rules, as well as the normal practice of using their own toilet. 

“They might think, ‘I’m going to pee on myself.

I’m going into my own waste’,” Natalie Pacheco, head of health at The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), told the BBC. 

Pacheco said the idea of urinating in a cup and using it to wash their hands and face would be upsetting for some children, and even dangerous. 

Children are generally more comfortable with having to use a toilet than using a sink or a bowl, and they might feel that this is a way to relax, but the RCPCH says this is not the case.

“Children are used to using their toilets at home,” Pachecomo said.

“It’s a part of their normal routine, but they may find that this doesn’t feel right or that they need to be outside.” 

“It could be that the toilet is used by someone they trust, so they may not realise it’s a problem,” she added. 

Parents of children with autism might not understand why they are being punished for using their toilet, but for other kids, there is a sense of shame, she said. 

‘It’s just a way of us talking’ The RCPCDH also advises parents to talk to their child about the concept of urination, and how it could be used for something positive.

“Parents are usually very supportive and supportive of the toilet as it’s just something that we do as a family,” Pescoso said, adding that parents should also talk to the child about how they feel about their own behaviour.

“We want them to be able to share what they’re feeling with us.” 

Pescosos said it is important that the bathroom was used as a positive outlet for a child.

“This is a time when the child is having a really difficult time, and if they are having a hard time using the toilet, they will probably feel a little bit embarrassed and feel guilty,” she said, “and they might need to talk about how to use the toilet and what it’s like to have to use it in a different way.”

I think that parents are really important in giving their child the opportunity to talk with them about this.” 

For more on this story, visit  The BBC

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