When the bathroom aisle gets too crowded, it’s time to start thinking about how to get more stuff in the bathroom

It’s one of those moments in your life when you realize the world around you is a bit more interesting than you’d like it to be.

Or maybe you’re just bored, and you just want to relax, read something or sit down to a relaxing dinner.

Regardless, you know what you’re going to do.

When it comes to the bathroom, I think the key is to not try and “outrun the clock” (though you may not want to) because it’s just as important to be able to take advantage of what the bathroom has to offer, and to be prepared for what might happen.


Choose your bathroom as a space to relax and unwind 1.

Choose a bathroom with an area to relax (like a corner of a bedroom or a side table).


Choose one or more of these options for the rest of your room, but try to avoid going into a bathroom alone (as you will have to use the other bathroom).


Choose an empty spot that is easily accessible to you.


Choose something that you can easily move about in (like an armoire or shelf).


Choose furniture that you’ll be comfortable with and that can be moved around (like your desk or a coffee table).


Use a combination of a sink and toilet (like the one pictured above).


Choose from a wide range of colors (including pink, blue, purple, and yellow) and patterns (like stripes and floral designs).


Choose the right style (like bold, bolder, and bolder-than-normal).


Use the bathroom with a shower (as long as it’s on a low-profile counter).


Avoid going to the toilet on the floor.


Use urinals (and a small tub).


Choose bathroom accessories that you like (like hand soap, toilet paper, or a soap bottle).


Make sure you have plenty of storage (such as a box of tissues or a bookcase).


Make use of the bathroom for privacy (as much as possible).


Make it a point to spend time alone (like playing cards or reading a book).


Find something you enjoy to do in the shower.


Try a new bath towel (as opposed to the same one you normally use).


Have a “bathroom journal” to document the experiences you’ve had (or not had) with the bathroom.


Plan a day of relaxation to be done in the same spot (as soon as possible), as well as a different spot for each day of the week.


Use your bathroom to unwind and reconnect with your loved ones.


Have the most beautiful bathroom in the house (as this will give you more time to relax).

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