Why did a black bathroom window look black?

I thought I saw a bathroom mirror that had a black glass window that looked like a black mirror on the side.

 But I was not disappointed.

I was able to take a close-up photo of the mirror with my iPhone.

Here’s what I saw:I was really surprised at the reflection, because I was expecting something that looked similar to a black-and-white photo.

That said, the reflection looked like an orange-black color.

This was not a reflection I would normally expect from a bathroom.

But it did have a different effect when I took this photo: It made me feel that the mirror was reflecting the image of me.

And the reflection of the black-glass window didn’t look like I was staring at a mirror, either.

The reflection looked more like an invisible person’s face.

There was a second person in the picture.

What could this reflection mean?

This reflection of me could mean that I had a different skin tone.

When I took the photo of me, I did not expect to see my reflection.

Instead, I thought the reflection was a white-colored person, and the reflection didn’t seem to be any more real than a reflection of a white person.

For example, this reflection of an orange person was much darker than a black person’s reflection.

The difference could be because of a different face or skin tone, or because I had different skin tones.

It also could be a reflection that I was talking to someone.

So what is it about the reflection that made me see the reflection?

My reflection looked a lot like a person’s, and it was a reflection where the person was looking at me.

This was my reflection, and I was really happy to see it.

I was also able to tell that I looked good.

You can take a closer look at the photo below.

Now that I have a better idea about what’s happening, I’ll be more interested in reading about how this reflection can help me.

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