Why I’m not a kohlers toilet cleaner, but I have one

My new toilet is a big improvement over my old toilet.

I’m thrilled to find out it works just as well, I just have to keep cleaning it!

My new toilet works just like the one I had before, but it’s much easier to use.

The big difference is that my new toilet has a removable lid, which makes it much easier for me to put it away.

The new toilet uses a built-in timer to automatically refill its bowl, and once you’ve emptied the contents into the toilet bowl, the timer automatically refills the bowl once it’s full.

My kohller bathroom sink is a different story.

I had to purchase a replacement for it, and it’s a little more difficult to use than the old sink.

I have to wash my toilet a lot.

I like to wash it twice a week with water.

It’s a lot of water to handle.

As you can see, I had a lot more trouble with the new toilet than the previous one.

My old toilet was a great toilet cleaner that had a very durable construction.

It was built well, it was easy to clean, and I could always get my hands on it.

Now, my new one is not as durable and works better, but the difference is still pretty noticeable.

One final note: It seems like some people are unhappy with the smell of the new bathroom sink.

I’ve noticed a lot in my house.

It smells of toilet paper and shampoo and soaps and things.

My wife doesn’t like it.

I think the smell is because I’ve been using the new sink for so long and I haven’t gotten rid of the old one.

I don’t think the new smell bothers her, though.

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