Woman claims she was assaulted by police officer after refusing to follow directions on bathroom stall

A woman has alleged she was sexually assaulted by a police officer at the West End Mall in Toronto.

The woman, who is a citizen of Canada, says she was approached by an officer who approached her on the street and asked if she was going to have sex with him.

The officer then allegedly grabbed the woman’s hair, forced her into a stall and “grabbed her legs and buttocks,” the woman alleges in a written statement to the Star.

She said she did not have the strength to fight back and that the officer “made repeated sexual advances.”

The woman was eventually released and told police that she was “not interested in sex.”

The police officer’s name and title have not been released.

“I am now looking forward to my day in court,” the statement said.

The police force’s investigation into the incident was launched on Monday.

The department said it is “aware of the incident” and is “reviewing our processes to ensure appropriate procedures were followed in this case.”

The incident comes amid an ongoing police investigation into a case in which a Toronto man was arrested after a woman was allegedly sexually assaulted at a shopping centre in August.

A video of the attack was posted on social media.

Toronto police said they are investigating the case.

Toronto’s Public Safety Minister and the minister’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Police are also investigating allegations of harassment by a Toronto police officer.

Toronto is about 80 per cent white and has a population of about 25,000.

Police have also been accused of using excessive force in the past.

In 2016, the federal government launched a $10 million probe into the city’s use of force.

In a statement, the police watchdog said the report was launched to address “an ongoing matter of concern” and that an internal investigation into complaints has been opened.

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